The life and calling to this date of Brother Muni Raj Singh can be described as follows::

In 1979 while he was still studying and had big dreams of becoming a medical surgeon and having his own hospital, the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to him. The words, ³I am the Way, the Truth and the Life,² made Muni Raj Singh surrendered his life to His NEW Master and to His Calling. During a time of prayer and fasting, he had a visitation of angels. He planted churches and mission posts in diverse places as led by Godıs hand.

In 1990 he married Sandra Getrouw, who got saved in his ministry along with her family. He has diverse degrees, certificates and recognition. He was youth officer in the Red Cross Society and also has established humanitarian projects, (through the passing of his first son, Giovanni), such as the orphanage, ELIM of the LORD, (children home) and the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Foundation in Suriname South America.

He was the first to openly declare war against witchcraft, witch-doctors, ungodliness and discriminations on Television and Radio in Suriname. This of course, caused lot of oppositions, persecutions, accusations and attacks from many people, including ³Christians² and ³preachers,² who could not accept this message of the Jesus of Salvation, Healing and Deliverance.

He has survived many evil attacks, complots and betrayals, by the grace of God.

Brother Muni Raj Singhıs ministry of deliverance continues to prosper and bless the Body of Christ as he travels to many nations around the world, including Europe, North America and the Caribbean, with the Good News of Jesus and His love.

He has witnessed thousands of healings, deliverances and miracles as the Holy Spirit pours Himself out via His vessel. He has ministered in many countries on Radio and Television, and still continues his daily Radio and Telecasts in Suriname and other lands.

He has done numerous seminars, conferences, crusades and meetings in many nations, through which thousands of lives and ministries are blessed and built into higher heights.

The ministry that God has placed into the life of Brother Muni Raj Singh, more than 21 years ago, continues to operate in a greater flow and anointing of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God !!!

His mission is: Preach the Gospel of Christ to all nations, Plant churches and humanitarian projects, train leaders, be a Blessing to all.

He avails himself to all who need this anointed ministry and are willing to make a difference:

Rev. Dr. Muni Raj Singh

Molenpad 52 Paramaribo Suriname South America

Tel: (597) 483704 E-Mail:

USA: P. O. Box 26888 Philadelphia PA 19134 USA

Tel: 215 290 4620 E-Mail:

Founder / Sr. Pastor: The Deliverance Church of Jesus Christ Foundation

Founder / President : Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Foundation (Suriname)

Founder / Advisor : ELIM of the LORD Orphanage Foundation

April 2008


Rev. Dr. Muni Raj Singh is available and willing to minister in any church or places and to be a blessing to any ministries of the Lord. He has no price tag and will accept any donations as directed by the Lord.

Invite Rev. Singh to minister in your Church and be Blessed!

If anyone know of a wheelchair accessible house or has a house in the vacinity of Philadelphia or surrounding areas that Rev.Dr.Singh and his family can use as their shelter, will be a great blessing if you can consider them. His son suffers from Muscular Dystrophy and is in a wheel chair. Kindly feel with them in their need. Million thanks.